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Bubble Gum Club
bbc.co.uk CBBC Art CBBC Art is the place to come for a truly interactive artistic experience! Make a masterpiece with your mouse using the cool games, play the art quiz etc
bbc.co.uk CBBC Backstage Meet your favourite CBBC Stars. Go behind the scenes, play the Make 'Em Up game and watch the Hanging Out videos.
bbc.co.uk CBBC The official CBBC website features competitions, quizzes, art, games, cartoons, message boards, makes, television listings and information about presenters.
bbc.co.uk CBeebies CBeebies is a British television channel produced by the BBC and aimed at children, click on this link to view their Cbeebies online.
bbc.co.uk Children's Radio Player
bbc.co.uk Dynamo DynaMo's Den - Come and play in my Dynatastic Den, jam packed with games and quizzes.
bbc.co.uk History for Kids Popular History site for kids with information on th e Romans and Anglo Saxon's etc.
bbc.co.uk Kids Health Find out how your body works! Do a body tour and have a real close look. How you think about yourself matters - it can affect your school and home life
bbc.co.uk Onion Street Get help with school work by talking to people your own age. Read and watch interviews with experts. Get advice on revision technique and dealing with school stress. Take a break in the music and art rooms.
britannica.com Encycloaedia Britannica Online
encarta.msn.com MSN Encarta Online Encycloapedia
etch-a-sketch.com  Etch-a-Sketch the online version of the popular child's toy
infoplease.com Infoplease Online Enclyclopedia
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